What is CozyDorms?

We specialize in providing fully furnished shared accommodation, brokerage free pgs in mumbai and navi mumbai to individuals be it students, working professionals, expats, and all those who desire and demand a comfortable place to live.

Our property management team ensures that the stay of our tenants is hassle free and they live in clean, cosy environment and at same time address all the maintenance and wear tear issues of the property.

We make available the best for you, ensure that you enjoy a stress-free stay with us. We do all the running for you and solve the most basic housing problem. Work to your potential while we address your housing needs.

In 2015 Cozydorms was born which envisioned to revolutionize the way this hard working generation next lived! We made it our mission to give them what they really deserved- a clean, fully furnished homes with no headaches of maintaining the same. And lo! What a response we got, the enquiries kept coming at 3g speeds and now at 4g speeds. All they want is more of Cozy dorms because their needs are catered and cared of.

We aspire and will keep serving each one with utmost care, sincerity and improvise to give them the cosier experience. We have a vision and want everybody to believe “The Dorms can be really full of warmth, comfy and make you feel cozy.”

Welcome to the world of comfy living, the cosy living, welcome to “CozyDorms”.

PG near Mahape

A commonly faced problem in Mumbai by students or working professionals who are at the early stages of their careers, is finding a budget-friendly accommodation. Co-living spaces in Mumbai or Navi Mumbai which includes PG near Mahape, Vashi, Airoli, Ghansoli and more. These can be the perfect solution for many who are tight on budget. We provide co-living spaces in many locations. You can schedule a visit to the property, to check out the place in person, before finalising and making the rental agreement. Using our platform you will also avoid the hassle of dealing with brokers. Start using Cozy Dorms, right away to find an accommodation that best suits you


Decades back the education centres/the commercial centres where scores of young students/employees migrated for studies/ work had a very simple basic expectation that they just have a roof over their head when they retire to sleep after a long day’s work. The dreamy eyes had a fixed purpose, goal and vision to better their lives and were willing to slog it out hard and achieve the dreams.

When “Sacrifice” was the buzz word & a trend, seldom did this young millennia cared much about where they lived or what was provided in their accommodation.

Without any complaints, they would willingly sleep on a floor mattress or if lucky a cot, won’t care much about the condition of walls, the dullness or nonexistence of colours, whether the tap runs dry or not, whether there was back up for electricity or not.

That was the “COT AGE” – where all they cared was a roof, with the humble radio to lighten their lives.

Times Changed – the “Cot Age” sacrificial generation with their rocksteel resolve, hardworking dna, abundance of entrepreneurial energy helped by the conducive government reforms took India on the Paths of Glory. India Shining!! And it truly is as we march to become the next superpower.

The Humble Dravids/Tendulkars/ have now undergone huge transformation. They are now more assertive, more aggressive, more demanding and yes they want it all. They are the Kohlis! They work hard, they party hard.

But some things didn’t change at all!

Clothes changed, gadgets changed, but the “roofs” remained the same. Though now they now enjoyed higher rentals! Many still have the mattress on the floor, with wires of laptops/chargers dangling from one end to another, unclean rooms. Its perhaps won’t be a game of Truth or Dare, but who dares to go to the washroom. Yes the pgs/dorms/hostels still to a large extent are the neglected places.

That’s what made us thinking. That’s what made us feel, that why are our pgs/dorms/ in such a sorry state, why are still they in the “Cot Age”.

Can’t we make it more cleaner, more cosier, more comfy, more rejuvenating, more soothing, and give the future of India, a soothing relaxing comfortable place to retire after all the hard work?